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I don’t have special expectations to my future beloved person. I want to see the person next to me, who is able to love and accept, take care of his woman. I want to be with the person with whom I can share my whole life, which means that he will be just as energetic and positive as I am. I don’t want to highlight such traits as kindness, intelligence and generosity, as this is something natural to search in close person!

How I describe myself

Two words which describe me the best are OPTIMISTIC and LIFE LOVING! Every day of my life I try to make full of good emotions and impressions, happiness and love! I want to enjoy this life and we have all abilities for this. I am light, easy-going, friendly and communicative person. I am open for everything new and unknown. I lead active style of life, because movement is life.

Value in a man

Relationship with parents

True love means to me

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My most important hobby is reading! It’s like I’m moving around in time and place when I’m reading about. For me to imagine the pictures described in the book is even more interesting than watching a movie. I am fond of history and consider it important for me to know how everything came to what is now, about life our ancestors and the history of the whole world as a whole. I am an active person and my interest in travel is proof of this! And after an impressive trip or walk I like to draw what I was most surprised and liked. Another thing I’m doing with great pleasure is cooking. I’d love to cook my beloved man a dish with a special seasoning- passion! :-)


fitness ,foot walks

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