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Perfect man description

Tricky question :)) I would like to find “my man” in this big world. It would be wonderful if he is considerate and calm. I'm not a drama queen and I do not like loud quarrels and arguments. A good sense of humor in a man can brighten up half of his shortcomings. We are all not perfect, but just looking for the best puzzle for ourselves. My man definitely, like me, has a passion for active sports and together we could enjoy the unknown.

How I describe myself

I am a balanced and calm lady. I love classical music, attend theaters and interesting exhibitions. In connection with my work, I often attend international conferences and thus have visited many countries. I like to learn new things about other nations, their cuisine and traditions, compare with mine. I am very faithful and loyal, therefore I have been maintaining strong friendship with some of my friends since childhood. It seems to me that this characterizes me very positively, doesn't it?))

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If you are interested to know me better, then I can say that I am a very active and athletic person. I like to feel the adrenaline in my blood, so I am fond of active sports such as diving, surfing and parachuting. At the same time, my creative part is manifested in the love of landscape design and photography. I love to watch the beauty and I do it! I have enough perseverance and calmness to enjoy the beauties of the world around me.


skiing, diving, surfing, parachuting

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