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I am looking for a man with a strong spirit, who specifically knows what he wants from his life. I am a purposeful person and next to me I also want to see such a person in order to strive to achieve goals together, supporting and helping each other. I am waiting for a man who will be able to raise deep feelings of love and romance in my heart. Where are you? ;-)

How I describe myself

I try to fulfill my life with good emotions. In every situation I try to find nice moments and get as many positive emotions as possible. I am a big optimist. I prefer to wake up early in the morning to have more time for something interesting. Only on Saturday I can allow myself to stay in bed longer) I think that life is so interesting and you can’t spend it sleeping) I like to walk and to look around. What can be better...

Value in a man

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True love means to me

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Goals in life

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How I describe what trust to me is


If you read my profile, you might notice an all-round person. Because of my job I travel a lot and I have seen many countries and met different people. I am interested in every culture, I like to know about different traditions. Besides, I do not forget about myself and my health. I go to gym, like to play basketball. My life style is very active. Would you like to share such style with me? ;-)


basketball, fitness

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