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First of all, I see that my chosen one as a self-sufficient, reliable person. The man who is honest and can trust his partner as it is very important in long term relatins. I am a kind and friendly person and, naturally, I want to see my man with these qualities as well. Since I have goals and always do my best to reach them, I want my man to know what he wants from life. I always try to learn something new and not sit in one place, so I am looking for a person who is active and likes to grow and develop together.

How I describe myself

Open, positive, and friendly. Of course, I am my own personality and can take a decision when necessary, but I think that relationship is of course a compromise, therefore I always try to find it. Life is movement, so I always do something, learn new things, find new hobbies to develop. So, I am an active person. I value kindness and honesty. I dream of meeting a man with these qualities.

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To begin with, I am an active person and, accordingly, my hobbies are also associated with vigorous activity. I love cycling. It relaxes, refreshes my thoughts, and also keeps my body in good shape. It would be nice to organize a cycling walk with my loved one. But, it's better to dance together. This is my second hobby. You can feel yourself in a new image and still keep fit. I also like swimming. It is especially cool to swim far from the coast to the sea. It is an incredible feeling. For relaxation, I prefer bowling with friends or family or reading an interesting book.


dancing, swimming

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