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I see my second half as a confident, reliable and strong man who will love me and my son. I hope we will have similar hobbies like books and sports. I need to have a thoughtful person near me who can take care of me in a difficult moment but who will get my help in any situation. I would like him to be generous, successful gentleman with good sense of humor. My special person to share our sorrows and enjoy the wonderful things of life together!

How I describe myself

I am a beautician and I believe that our beauty comes from inside and I try to be kind and positive with others. I consider myself a good-looking woman but of course it is not only genetics - I take care of my skin, try to cook healthy food and I like to spend a lot of time on nature and keep my mind positive. I am open-minded, calm, tidy and inquisitive person. I like to keep things in order and to think positive no matter what, searching for the best point of view. I am an honest person and I appreciate this in others.

Value in a man

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True love means to me

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I enjoy meditation and reading books. I am fond of self-development and finding new information. I am also interested in fashion trends and new styles. I’ve been living in Odessa most of my adult life and I cannot imagine my life without sea. Walking and biking on nature and seaside helps me to keep my body fit and my mind fresh. Singing is my other hobby, it helps me to be in good mood at any season.


walking and hiking, biking,swimming.

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