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Perfect man description

I sincerely hope to meet a loving and caring man. He has the same desire as I do to create a happy and healthy family. :) He is a true man who knows what he wants in life. He is reliable, supportive and protective. I am dreaming to meet a man who is leading a healthy lifestyle and who shares with me interest in traveling. :) He likes sports and being in nature. For me it is important to meet a purposeful and confident person. But at the same time I want to meet a warm hearted, kind and loving man. :) I see a man by my side who knows how to enjoy life, to have fun and at the same time to be responsible. It would be great if he has a sense of humor or at least appreciate mine.:))) I wish to have common interests with my beloved man and be able to share them. :) Everything is in our own hands. Do you agree with me? :)

How I describe myself

I am a cheerful person with a great sense of humor.:)) But at the same time I have a balanced and calm personality. My heart is full of love, tenderness, and kindness.:)) I am a very social, communicable and open person that makes friends easily. :) I have a warm and bright aura that makes people feel good when they are around me. Every day, I think about what I can do to improve myself. I am sure my man will find in me an interesting, insightful and unique lady. I never play with people’s feelings and appreciate a relationship that is based upon sincerity, transparency and openness. :) Family plays a great role for me and my folks can always rely on me and have my understanding, love and support. I truly believe that relationships between man and a woman have to build up upon mutual love, support, understanding, respect and trust. :) I am ready to give all my love, care, tenderness, passion and positive vibes to my true man.:) And I hope that my man will do the same in return. My dream is to have a happy family and to visit so many lovely places with a beloved person, to share wonderful moments and emotions together. What could be better? :)))

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True love means to me

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I am a person full of energy and it is why I like an active lifestyle. It is difficult for me to stay idle. :) I have a passion for traveling. And I would compare my life to a big journey. It is only you who hold a map and choose the way. I have traveled already to Greece, Turkey, Bulgaria and Thailand. I am a person who creates and fills my day with different activities..:) I enjoy yoga and fitness. Also I like bicycling and indoor cycling. Such activities keep me fit.:) I like learning new things: for example learning graphic programs and design. Whenever I have a chance I also like being in nature, traveling to the nearby cities and resting by the sea. My favorite activities by the sea are swimming, sun bathing, long walks along the sea, breezing in the fresh air and listening to the waves crash into a shore.:) It supplies me with new energy and gives me a good rest. When I have a chance I like to go to the cinema or watch movies at home. I like to cook tasty and healthy food. And it is my big pleasure to create a home comfort. I am a real woman from a head to the toes. My world is filled with the aroma of floral perfumes which I adore and wear with joy.:) Coco Mademoiselle and Gabrielle by Chanel are my favorite senses. :) What are your favorite aromas? : )


yoga, fitness, bicycling, indoor cycling

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