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Perfect man description

I really hope and look forward to meeting a reliable, honest, kind man who, just like me, wants and is ready to create a strong family. A man next to whom my heart will be warm and light.))) I hope he will be purposeful and knowing what he wants in this life. Kindness, honesty and decency are very important for me - this is what I demand from myself and from my future men ... we can agree on everything else because when there is love and mutual attraction not to agree is impossible.))

Value in a man

Relationship with parents

True love means to me

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Goals in life

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How I describe myself

I am a very open and sincere person and always believe in good things. I have a lot of love and kindness. Family for me is sacred, the most important thing is the family and the well-being of my beloved people. I am not afraid of change and I am ready to take serious steps for better changes in my future. I am soft and flexible in character, but at the same time I am purposeful and always know what I want. Now my main desire is to find my only man, to create a strong friendly family in which love will reign and children's laughter will be heard.


I am interested in so many interesting things in this world. I am fond of embroidery with beads and threads, I like to embroider beautiful paintings and icons. I love to paint by numbers with paints, this is like my drug))). I love art and music very much. I like to read. I am fond of sports and care for my health. I love children and animals very much. Coziness and beauty in my home pacifies me, I like to create a pleasant atmosphere in my home. I love nature and travel. Music, nature and travel always charge me, but most of all ... love.))


swimming, bycicle, fitness