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I dream to find a man who still believes in love, commitment and happy marriage as I do. And even if there is disagreement between us he would still say: I love you….I need. I want to share my life with a man who will guard our love. I see by my side a man man who is not afraid to tell about his wishes and desires to me. I look for a man who knows what he wants. I want to meet a serious and determined man yet with kind, caring, and loving heart. He is energetic, likes sport, traveling and self development. I would love to share the brightest moments with my future man. It would be wonderful to travel with him around the world. I believe that if two people have the same desire they will necessarily meet. .:) I am sure I will recognize him…by loving eyes and caring glance… I do believe you are here, you are always welcome to write me.

How I describe myself

My personality has different shades: bright and shiny. I am not afraid to be different. There are days when I am romantic, tender and sweet. And there are days when I am passionate, spontaneous and active. I am kind lady with a warm and joyful heart. I am communicative and reliable. I have responsive heart and always see good in people. I adore, sports, music and arts. I have a good sense of humor.:) I am not complicated lady. My formula of happiness is very simple: I want to love and be love in return. I treasure my family and it is a great pleasure for me to take care of them. I enjoy cooking and baking for them delicious food. Would you let me discover your shades of personality?:)

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Let me start from my love to traveling. I had a chance to visit a few counties: Poland, Check Republic, Germany, Austria, France, Belgium, Georgia, Egypt, Montenegro, Turkey, Sri Lanka, Italy, Spain, Netherlands….And I still have countries on my list that I dream to visit. There are so many things to explore, stories to tell and happiness to share with a beloved person. I am leading active, healthy and sporty life. And most of my hobbies are connected with it. I like doing fitness and yoga regularly. I also like bicycling. It helps me to stay in a good shape, get rid of negative emotions and as a result to feel better. :) I love driving a car. Unusual interest for a lady, right?:) So I like short trips to the sea or excursions on weekends with my close people. I am also fond of painting and embroidery when I want to relax.


yoga, stretching, fitness, cycling

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