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Perfect man description

I dream to find that special man with whom we will become happy together.;))) I want him to love me and be ready for my love, to create a family and share all life’s ups and downs, just holding our hands strongly! I appreciate honesty, kindness, support, trust, understanding and respect in the relationship and I hope that he will have these values too.;)) I want us to make our biggest and even wildest dreams to come true, but also to enjoy simple moments in life, to fill each our day with care, warmth and love and never to be tired of this! Because there is nothing best than a loving heart beating next to yours, right?;)))

How I describe myself

I can look like a very goal-oriented, self-sufficient and serious lady. And I should confess that it is true to some extent, because I always work hard to achieve my goals. But if you keep looking further than that a bit, you will find a kind, romantic, sensitive, responsive and sensual spirit in me!;))) You will find a very true friend and great support in my person and open a big ocean of tenderness, warmth and care in my heart, which I will always share with you!;)))

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True love means to me

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I have many favourite pastimes that describe my sides of character, I believe!;)) I love to travel, make road trips or just riding with my bicycle intro countryside. I like keeping myself fit, so I am fond of going to gym and cooking.;)) My other side is love to the technical progress – I enjoy learning new things and keeping me updated about new inventions. But also my heart has a tender and romantic part, so I am happy to be in the nature, make a walk under star sky or just cuddling at home with a good book or movie, or just nice music.:)) Want to join me?;))


riding a bicycle, gym, basketball

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