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My sincere desire is to meet a decent, reliable and responsible man. The man of my dreams is true, confident, faithful, yet attentive and caring. He knows how to take care of his woman. The difference in age does not scare me. I wish he will support my love of traveling and who can share with me an active way of life. I want to share my life with a man who is open to sharing his heart with me. I do not expect him to be perfect. Mature? Yes. Sympathetic? Yes. Witty? Yes. I would like to create a genuine relationship based on trust, in love, with affection and in mutuality. I want to find a man who can love me unconditionally. I want to feel protected, loved and cared for by my man. He knows when to be serious, when to have fun and do silly things together…:-) It will be wonderful to do interesting things together and discover new things. It is important to me to have a loving and kind man by my side. Just be yourself and you will be perfectly fine :-)

How I describe myself

I invite you to discover my bright, loving and cheerful soul. :-) I am a brave girl who is not afraid of challenges. I hope that you will find out not only my pleasing appearance, but my inner beauty, my playful and adventures personality. I can give you the world filled with genuine care, true love and filled with delicious affection. I can offer you loyalty, respect, as well as my kind attention. I know how to surprise and how to impress my beloved man. Are you ready to share life with an optimistic, easy outgoing and purposeful lady? I always move forward towards my goals. Now my goal is to find my man and to find a family. I welcome you to contact me. It will be my joy to discover what brings you joy and happiness :-)

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I am leading an active lifestyle and always on the move. I think: Moving is living. And the very motion of our life is towards happiness :-) I always try to discover something new and develop myself. I appreciate the world in which we live and it is why I adore traveling. I visited many wonderful places. I think traveling is the best way to discover the world and expand horizons. It is why I love planning things and spending time wisely. In my free time I practice bicycle racing and also choose a gym. I am also fond of watching movies: romantic comedies, fantastic and physiological thrillers. I’ve seen all Marvel Comics with my son. I am learning English with a tutor and hope to make progress. On weekends I love to catch up with my friends, go to the cinema or to the skating park. I love cooking, especially meat. My meat pies are delicious :-)


bicycle racing, gym

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