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I am on the search for a cheerful, responsible, serious, kind and caring man. The man who will not only support me, but will support in a crisis. I'm looking for a man who is not afraid to drown in the ocean of our love. I know about bad moments in life and I really appreciate wonderful moments that life can bring to us!)) I appreciate family values such as love, trust and respect to each other. I think that sincerity and understanding are strong basis for strong relationship.

How I describe myself

I am kind-hearted, cheerful and responsive person, sometimes quite naive which consider being my plus and minus at the same time. I can easily trust people, but that sometimes makes my heart hurt. I am confident in what I want in life and my aims. I do believe that life is always about goals. And my main treats of character is that I can achieve all the goals because of my patience and confidence. I hope you want to find out more about my personality?:)

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My lifestyle is quite active and energetic. But I still manage to find free time for relaxing. So, normally I like to go for walks, gym, cinema, theatre, reading books, learning something new in my life I find all these things fun and interesting to do. I love animals very much, and for me it is very important to be a volunteer in an animal shelter. I try to visit it to help with different things. I visit them and give them a piece of my love, I hope that this can make them happy at least for the moment.


sport, fitness

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