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I am looking for an honest and reliable man for whom seriousness in a relationship is not the last word. Attention to each other and understanding are just as important as a positive outlook on life and a good sense of humour. For me, the decisiveness of a man in making life steps is important, and I am always ready to support my chosen one in his actions. I dream of travelling together, cooking, relaxing, enjoying this life. I dream of a family-oriented man, who will like to share and live nice moments of the happy family life with his woman.

How I describe myself

I am a woman with a good character, kind, sociable and calm, who has a great sense of humor, so it's always fun to be with me. I am friendly, so my friends can always rely on me in different life situations. I'm always positive and appreciate the good in every person. I dream of traveling to see the world because I love this life. I can say that I am "real" woman, who is ready and wants to have family and ready for the adventure with the loved one.

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I found my calling in quiet, calm activities which bring me pleasure. I love cooking, especially the traditional dishes of Ukrainian cuisine. I prefer doing "traditional women's activities" such as sewing, handicraft, home floriculture and others. I like it when there is a cozy and comfortable atmosphere in the house. Reading poetry and listening to good music are also among my hobbies. I try to keep myself in good shape, so I go to the gym regularly. I like to relax on the sea coast and enjoy walking in the nature.


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