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The main rule for my life now is to enjoy every single day that I live. I look for a strong, kind and loving person. I would like this man to be adventurous, but calm at the same time. I love smart men. I love when a man is ready for actions not just saying words. I am searching for my Al Pachino... Kind, confident, generous man with a big heart. Appearance doesn't matter only your personality. I need someone I can share my interests with, whom I can trust, whose love will be unconditional. I want to create our own story with the happy end...

How I describe myself

I am very kind and responsible person. I am active, easy-going person. I love children. I like light-hearted and honest people. I have a lot of goals and I want to make them real. Most of all, I wish to feel woman's happiness, to love and to be loved. I know, love is a special feeling and I want to experience it in my life. My friends say that I am responsible, friendly, kind-hearted and gentle person and I am always ready to help others if they are in need. At the same time, I am very romantic and open-minded woman. I don't like dishonest, disorganized, careless and forgetful people.

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I am an active person, so I do fitness on the regular basis; also dancing helps me raise my mood and keep my body fit and pretty. Being a creative personality, I am fond of design of interiors and making things pretty and balanced. For the same reason I like knitting - it develops concentration, creativity and preciseness. I like learning something new and understanding the human nature.



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