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I would like to meet a cheerful, inquisitive, peaceful, calm, temperamental, and charismatic man. All these qualities are very relative, so for me the most important criteria is to feel mutual interest and respect for each other. I want us to feel and understand each other just by one glance, this is a very valuable connection. I believe that age doesn’t really matter in a relationship, if two people really want to make each other’s life happier and brighter.

How I describe myself

I am a very inquisitive, sociable and caring person, everything is interesting to me! I live by the principle from the movie with Jim Carrey "Always Say Yes!”. I love to communicate with people, it is important for me to feel respected and appreciated by my close ones. I always try to help people in need so my work in the Red Cross is a blessing for me now. I have a calm, balanced character, but at the same time I do not sit still, I always plan a lot of things to do and to make the day brighter for people around me. I dream of planting a forest in my village in Ukraine, and I also dream of making repairs in the house where I lived in Odessa completely at my own expense, for the residents of this house, so that they would be pleased to enter the house!

Value in a man

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True love means to me

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I believe that life is a gift that is why I appreciate my life in all its manifestations. I have very different hobbies ranging from rock climbing and hiking to conversations on philosophical topics. I enjoy cooking and fashion, speedy cars and wild nature in the mountains. I’m interested in politics, history and philosophy as I mentioned before. I’m always ready for new hobbies and learning new spheres in life.


running, swimming, bicycle.

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