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For me, such qualities as honesty, reliability, decency, fidelity, purposefulness, a good sense of humor, love for children and respect for women are important in a man. No problem with the age difference for me, my previous partner was 20 years older than me. Therefore, I know that it is very important to be on the same wavelength, love each other and respect each other. I am looking for a person who wants to receive all my care, faithfulness, loyalty, tenderness and love. My dream is to create a wonderful happy family.

How I describe myself

I am a kind, reliable, sympathetic, fair and wise lady. I know exactly what I want from life, I achieve my goals, and every day I enjoy every minute of life. I am an interesting conversationalist, and I think my friends will confirm this) I am a loyal and caring lady. I always believe in the best and strive to be better every day. I am an active lady and I like to look good, so my day starts with a run on the treadmill. I used to dance but now several times a week I go to the gym. I love to travel, enjoy nature and new interesting places.

Value in a man

Relationship with parents

True love means to me

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Dance, sing, active lifestyle, travel, embroider


Dance, running, fitness

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