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Perfect man description

The man of my dream is not ideal man, I don’t believe ideal people exist, do I don’t expect him to be perfect) Difference in age and languages also do not frighten me at all. For me it’s important that my man will become my closest friend and сompanion in arms till the rest of our lives. I wish my man is cheerful, positive, active and kind. I don’t have any bad habits, so we will have to find a solution, if he does ))) I hope we will enjoy sport and traveling together, slow dances and usual things that will make us happy in daily life.

How I describe myself

I’m very cheerful and easy-going lady, I always see my glass – half-full and believe in the best in every person I meet. My friends tell me that I need to be more adult but this is the way I am ) I’m very honest and sincere person, I can’t stand lying. I’m also very responsible and goal-oriented. In spite that I’m very tender, affectionate and caring woman, I have quite a strong character – I don’t like to complain and I’m not afraid of difficulties. I dream to meet my companion with who we will become an unshakable wall for any life adversities.

Value in a man

Relationship with parents

True love means to me

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I’m a lady who lives in harmony with the world and myself. I enjoy living in the house and taking care of the garden, I’m not a typical city girl. I love traveling by car and spending time by nature, especially in the mountains. I like dances and sport, it always fills me with energy and femininity. I always notice and appreciate small positive moments in life and I’m happy when I can love and care for my close people.


swimming, running

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