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Perfect man description

My beloved man is kind, honest and romantic. His goal is to search and find his second half in this big world, no matter where and what it takes. I would like my man to notice the little things like how many spoons of sugar to put in my tea in the morning ;) I think it really shows care and after all such small details is what our life is built of. I'm looking for a man with whom we will be able to eat cake in front of the TV and not get fat :) :)

Value in a man

Relationship with parents

True love means to me

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How I describe myself

I am a very romantic woman, I even cry sometimes when I watch romantic movie ;). I am faithful, sincere and kind. I get pleasure when I help other people in need. It makes me feel like I can change something for better and feel needed. Probably like many women, I love to get surprises, but being unselfish I also love making them, which is also a positive quality I think :)


Active style of life, traveling, movie, music, self development, physical exercises, walking