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I am personally is looking for a serious relationship for a long time... for life..really very special.. I am looking for such man with who we can be natural in our behaviour.. I wish to meet such man with who will appreciate each other values and qualities which are blending together which will be so unique and wonderful that we could feel that its just right for us.. for our special world ... and after to pick everything in parts what could happen when we could be together.. to offer each other everything what consistent of our lives and it will be committed relationship... its like to start with meetings, correspondence and develop to something more powerful...

How I describe myself

I like sitting calm in the evening with cup of tea and read a book, currently I am reading Thomas E. Ricks - Churchill and Orwell, I am facilitating about Churchill like a politician and writer but I could imagine that he was pretty difficult person to get on well. I enjoy walking with my son in the parks. Also, I enjoy concerts, theatres, museums. gallaries, exhibitions. Its important to see or learn something new. I am dreaming to travel and learn about another countries or even what life is like, I am interested in knowing different cultures , to see another places.

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True love means to me

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I do yoga to keep myself happy and explore my body and minds power, pondering about life.


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