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A clever man with a good sense of humor, reliable and honest, who appreciates his woman with similar plans on the future.

How I describe myself

I’ve been living in Kyiv for 7 years. I fond of my work that involves multitasking and communication with different kind of entrepreneurs. Most of all, I appreciate people who are reliable, honest and with good sense of humor. 3 times per week I go to the gym. Also I’m professional table tennis player. On the weekdays I go out with my friends to have a dinner or we like to visit the different events, such as the perfumes brunch, the etiquette dinner and etc. My favorite country is Italy, especially Venice and Liguria region. Half of a summer I spend there every year. I really like my British shorthair cat.

Value in a man

Relationship with parents

True love means to me

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table tennis, fishing, learning new languages, driving a car, classical music


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