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Perfect man description

I believe in true feelings and I believe if we want something very much we will get it. I value romantic moments and wish my man to know also how to be romantic. He values femininity and tenderness in a lady. He is a true man, it means that he is not afraid to make decisions and he also understands responsibility for them. Family and his relationships with a lady is a priority for him, he wants to create secure and happy home filled with love, affection, respect and devotion!

Value in a man

loyalty and honesty

Relationship with parents

True love means to me

full confidence in my partner

Infidelity how I describe

unforgivable partner mistakes

Goals in life

creating a happy family

How I describe satisfaction in life

happiness of my close people

How I describe moral principles

loyalty to your word in life

How I describe the importance of friends

true friends are very important in life

How I describe what trust to me is

complete honesty between partners

How I describe myself

My heart is tender and genuine. I always stay sincere to myself and others. I believe in power of smile and being positive in life. My close people feel my care and warmth, I am always there for them! I have an easy-going character, I prefer to avoid conflicts through discussion and compromises. I enjoy creating warm and loving atmosphere at home. I am not afraid of difficulties and it will be my pleasure to do team job with my partner in achieving our common goals. Having dreams and reaching them together in love and harmony would be the biggest joy for me!!! I devote enough attention to self-growth and learning in this life is very important for me.


I am an active, brave and life loving person, so surely I have many interests and favorite activities like sports, music, movies, literature, concerts, theatre, traveling… I also find pleasure in relaxing home environment, time in the country, picnics with friends, sea activities as I live on the seashore, Azov sea. My big interest and passion is psychology, philosophy, spiritual practices and developing my inner world. There is still much to try and to see in this world, would you like to join me? :)


I am not very athletic, but I am fond of cycling and doing fitness