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Perfect man description

I hope to find a man for a serious relationship. My chosen one will be my true friend and companion for life. I and my man will travel together, study new hobbies. We will enjoy life! I am a very happy woman, and I dream to share my happiness with a man suitable for me.

Value in a man

strong personality

Relationship with parents

True love means to me

I can not explain, I just know...

Infidelity how I describe

lying to your partber

Goals in life

will find a suitable man for me

How I describe satisfaction in life

a lot of happiness and love

How I describe moral principles

good treatment to your loved ones

How I describe the importance of friends

they could be the strong shoulder in life

How I describe what trust to me is

when you believe a partner like yourself

How I describe myself

I am an open and purposeful lady. I do not like to sit on one place; I'm always open to new people and beginnings. I am a cheerful woman. I have a calm disposition, but also I always achieve my goals. I know what I want from life, and I never stop on a half way. But also sometimes I can be a shy girl with a timid heart.


I am a versatile person. I lead an active lifestyle. I like to travel. This is my passion. I've been in many countries, and I do not intend to stop. To learn something new, to discover new cities and countries are very exciting for me. Maybe one day we'll dance with you together.


I also enjoy dancing. I go to the dance class several times a week. I'm not bad at it.