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Perfect man description

Looking for a man, who is able to warm me with his words and tender feelings. He is gifted with charisma, sincere eyes, responsive heart and good-natured and generous character, good patience and capabilities to be reliable and responsible. My man is considerate with his lady. Our souls attract each other to feel deep and true love together. I dream about daily life with my beloved husband, that consists of sharing, communication, common interests, compromises and common plans for future.

Value in a man

reliability and responsibility

Relationship with parents

True love means to me

you can sacrifice your interests for a loved one

Infidelity how I describe

inability to answer for their actions

Goals in life

have a home and a big family

How I describe satisfaction in life

loved ones near)

How I describe moral principles

honest and decent attitude to people around

How I describe the importance of friends

true friends will always be near in a difficult moment

How I describe what trust to me is

you can fully reveal your fears and thoughts to another person

How I describe myself

It is easy to find me in calm state and good mood. My cheerful, friendly, and sometimes spontaneous character helps me to keep it. :) I am exacting to myself and attentive, warm-hearted and generous with others. I am tender, affectionate, caring and romantic woman with my beloved man.


I have very many interests and hobbies. I like outdoor activities and home coziness: visiting theatre and cinema with friends, or drawing, embroidering, reading fancy books with a hot tea. Besides I love travelling and spending time on nature: cooking outside, swimming in river, playing beach volleyball or just getting tanned on the beach… You will not get bored with me, even when I cook :)


As a person with healthy life style I like fitness and gym.