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Perfect man description

He is kind, loyal, honest, smart, rational, understanding, patient, sweet, modest, caring, trustworthy, moral, considerate, empathetic, a great listener, positive. My ideal partner would be someone who is also my best and closest friend. Someone who I feel comfortable around and can be myself.

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How I describe myself

I am serious, positive, lovely woman. I am a teacher. I enjoy my profession and that's why it brings me pleasure. I like working with children. They are that little seeds who grow up and become beautiful flowers. I adore to be a part of this a huge process. I am an active, communicative person. I like sport and travelling. I like animals, especially dogs. They can be very clever and loyal creatures. I like spending time with a book in my hands because in my opinion reading is developing different sides of our brain.


Singing, traveling, reading, comunicating with others, sightseeing