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Ready to be a part of a man who is decisive, with a great sense of humor, who likes open this world from different places, loves animals and who is hungry for real love! Who knows how to give and get. Write and learn me more!

How I describe myself

An open-minded young woman from Ukraine is ready to be a lovely satellite of one’s life. I am an attractive person as well, interested in psychology and business, travelling and Italian cuisine, a sporty girl (my pics show that) who can share all her life with a serious man. I am here for you, my fingers are ready to play the main music of our life… Yes, I can play the piano too. Some more important information about me: I like to study, I attend different training and seminars and I’ve started to learn English I am open for everything new! Adore meetings with new people and learning something new about different cultures and styles of life :)

Value in a man

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True love means to me

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