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Perfect man description

I would like to meet a man that is realized, optimist, strong, independent, Christian, kind, polite, strong. I like to see in him honesty, cheerfulness, sincerity, normal sense of humor. Nice manners, interested in sport would be great

How I describe myself

I am calm, balanced woman. Usually I am like to enjoy the all moments of life, I like to dance when I feel it, also I prefer to drive and listen the good music(rock and popular disco). I dream about good family, loving husband, happy and peaceful life.

Value in a man

strong, reliable, independent, attentive

Relationship with parents


True love means to me

trust, care, support

Infidelity how I describe

insincerity, lies, betrayal, disrespect

Goals in life

family, good relationships, rejoice in every moment of life, care

How I describe satisfaction in life

enjoyment of every moment of life, dancing

How I describe moral principles

honesty, decency, respect, loyalty

How I describe the importance of friends


How I describe what trust to me is

sincere and honest communication


As for my interests, I like read books, listening the good music (rock, popular disco), billiard, sporting cars, dancing, some sport.


dancing, billiards

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