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Perfect man description

If you are looking for ideal person or ideal relationship, I can't give it to you. It's impossible to have ideal relationship and it's normal. I don't paint in my head perfect partner, because I want to love my man with all his pros and cons. My man doesn’t have to love what I love, he should just appreciate the fact that I love them and if he loves it that’s a plus! Should be my friend, my head and my support. He should be there to chat with me, to correct and comfort me, he should have emotional as well as physical strength.

How I describe myself

I am serious woman and I don't like when people are playing games with me. So, I ask you to be honest with each other. My goals are very serious and I hope to meet my partner here. Husband is a head of the family and wife should inspire him for being loving, caring and respectful. I am not going to tell you a lot here, because words not every time means something...ACTIONS...These are what I need...My daily life is very active because I can't sit and do nothing) I love travelling, cycling, swimming and doing sport. I have few things that add me inspiration...they are: walks on nature, watching good movies, travelling, sport and photographs. However, there is one thing I miss a lot. A man, who show me love... love to the moon and back.

Value in a man

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True love means to me

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