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Perfect man description

He should have sensitive and caring. He needs to be strong when I am weak, and be supportive of my strengths. He must be attractive to me and have a great sense of humour. My perfect man will see the real me. He will know everything about me and love me anyway, because he will be my best friend.

How I describe myself

I am easy-going, cheerful and responsive. I love my family and friends and I am always eager to help them and divide their joy and sorrows. I adore outdoor activities, picnics and travelling. I like to sit by the fire with my friends and enjoy the natural beauty of the world. Besides, I am a very versatile person. I am a hard-working person. I like music. My musical tastes are different, it depends on my mood. I like to go gym. I'm very sociable, so I get on very well with people. That's all about me - a person with her good and not very good traits of character, liking this and hating that. But it's interesting for me to live and to open new things. And I hope to find someone who will like me in this way and always be honest to me. Looking forward to meet you…

Value in a man

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