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Perfect man description

A man who really knows what he wants. Who will be able to be with me, spend his life and smiles just for me one. Who will give me all his pure love and open heart. I dream to share all my interests with my second half. If you are a kind and sensitive man I am waiting for you. And I would like my man to be really attentive and honest to me - these features mean a lot for me.

How I describe myself

I'm very sensual and nice lady, who are looking for the same man. I want to say that I'm real lady with great behavior and tender heart. I'm very interesting and extra ordinal woman and I'll do everything to make my life and life of my future husband happy. Also, I am sincere and vulnerable.

Value in a man

Faithfulness,confidence, caring and honesty

Relationship with parents

My parents are my lovely family and the best friends.

True love means to me

It's to sharing all interests with the second half. Love, support and take care about each other

Infidelity how I describe

If a man has cheated once, he will do it a second time. In that case he just doesn't respect his choice

Goals in life

I dream of meeting someone with whom I can share all my interests and ambitions.

How I describe satisfaction in life

I know exactly, that life is really short and we need to live with food and happy life every day and every second, and it should not be place for sadness and grievances.

How I describe moral principles

Trust and honesty are the foundation of any relationship

How I describe the importance of friends

Friends are those people who can help you at any time of your life.

How I describe what trust to me is

It iis a full confidence in your partner.


I have a lot of hobbies, try something new and never sit still. So they are various: music, reading, travelling and so on.


I like sports and I often go to the gym

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