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I just wanna love and be loved. So I’m looking for a real gentleman with serious intentions. I would like to share my life with a trustworthy man, to whom I can always turn to. I would like to see next to me someone reliable and understanding. Kind and loving person who cares about me. Who will never cheat or leave. True friend and helpful man would make me shining brightly.

How I describe myself

I am a person with a rich imagination, optimistic, with a sense of humour, close to people surrounding me, friendly. I am faithful in friendship and I appreciate this quality in others. Love is too unpredictable and I hope, to feel this feeling as soon as possible! I am an ordinary Ukrainian woman who wants to have a family, a warm and close relationship with husband. I dream of the comfort of home, family evenings that we will spend with my future husband and friends and close persons. I dream of traveling together, of heartfelt and sincere conversations with my husband. I want love, respect, trust, sincerity and care for each other in my relationship. A harmonious relationship for me is when both partners accept and appreciate each other and help each other get better. Friendship is also important in the family for me. I like to cook, read, meet friends and walk. I also like to go to nature, to the river, to the forest. Good movies, music, theater, exhibitions, a little sport are my hobbies too. I am looking for a man with whom we can share both happy and difficult moments of our lives. Love and warmth is what really matters in this world. Let’s create our own love story! ;)

Value in a man

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True love means to me

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