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I am not looking for someone unreal person, which is never have been born in this world. For me important cheerful, confident, faithful, generous and kind. Simple man who knows how take care about his family. He should be serious with his words and his action. Maybe it is you!)

How I describe myself

I welcome the future in all of it is an unknown mystery. Being bold and courageous in the middle of fear has produced great victories throughout history - that is part of me. I always let my faith be bigger than my fear. I am not known for laziness; I work diligently. Even when the job seems less than ideal, I work with a cheerful heart and gratitude for the ability to work. This way, my happiness is not contingent on circumstances alone. I am a vessel of joy and kindness, sailing my life with pleasure. I am kind of romantic. Also to be honest I respect loyalty and I owner of this characteristic. I don’t want to share you. When you are in a relationship with me, it is expected that anything romance-related is reserved especially for me. Your kisses are for me, your sweet nothings are for my ears only, your romantic nights out belong to me. Sounds funny? - This is me.

Value in a man

Relationship with parents

True love means to me

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