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Perfect man description

First of all, I am looking for a loving, caring, intelligent, kind and decent partner. Sense of humor would be a huge plus for my perfect one. Respectful attitude and moderate generosity would be highly appreciated as well. As I am for healthy way of life, I would like my partner to share the same values with me and be indifferent to alcohol. I am dreaming of having our own "they live happily ever after" filled with mutual love, understanding respect, support and admiration.

How I describe myself

I am a witty, optimistic, smart and talented person, who likes to work on a spiritual growth. I do set high value on home comfort and most of all appreciate decency in people. I love life and enjoy every moment of it. I like to learn something new every day. I am a music lover, I prefer songs with deep meaning. Among my food preferences I should mention, I like seafood and meat, try to include healthy food in my ration as much as possible. I take care of myself and attend aqua aerobics classes with pleasure. I like to spend my free time being busy with some needlework and like to refresh and bring back to life old pieces of clothes made of fur or other materials.

Value in a man

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True love means to me

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