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I came here to find my man - who will be a good and understanding friend, husband and passionate lover:). I want my man to be smart, intelligent, honest and without bad habits. I want him to gift me real happiness!

How I describe myself

I'm very romantic, kind, friendly and caring. Dream about my own happiness). I try to spend my free time with pleasure. :) I like sports and being active. I like going to the gym. I love dancing. I can't sit on my place when I hear my favorite songs and I start dancing. :) Though, dancing is one of my hobbies, I am not a fan of night clubs and discos. Sometimes I meet my friends and we enjoy our warm conversation and good company. I cherish every moment I can spend with my closest people. I dream to meet my man, and together we can become one happy family. That's the most important thing for me. I am not interested in career making, only in making a strong and friendly family with one man. I want to be a happy wife and to make him a happy husband. And that's my primary goal.

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True love means to me

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dancing, walk


gym, fitness

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