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I am looking for a man who is always optimistic or at least is trying to be one. He should be with a good sense of humor cause it always helps to feel well in this turbulent reality:) I think my future man should be active and easy-going, willing to discover the world together with me...Maybe he has to be a little bit adventurous and of course reliable... I do aware that there are no ideal people and I am not an exception, and of course I am not looking for "Mr. Perfect":) I think there must be a kind of chemistry between two, which gives a signal to go for this person and not to lose him or her... So I am waiting for this signal here to point at my gentleman and afterall not to let him go:)

How I describe myself

I am a woman who, like a good wine, with the age becomes only better, more elegant, more exquisite, more sophisticated...I do believe that nothing can become an obstacle for those who are looking for their happiness even somewhere abroad:). I do know that after forty the life just begins and only we decide how we want to spend it: looking back trying to recollect some memories or looking forward trying to catch this desirable "blue bird" of happinss... I am the one who sees the glass to be half full but not half empty and I know for sure that my special one, my beloved and me desirable man is somewhere here...and I am going to find you by any mean:) Do you hear it?!

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Readind, watching good comedies, sightseeing


swimming, jogging

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