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Perfect man description

My future man should be kind, responsible, interesting, well-off, generous, clever and cheerful, with serious intentions about marriage. Positive, caring and independent. A man who can love and cherish woman, ready to do anything for love and a loved one.

Value in a man

Respectful, kind, interesting, clever, positiv, motivated

Relationship with parents


True love means to me

True love means devotion, hard work in relations, ability to listen and to accept person with all good and bad sides

Infidelity how I describe

Goals in life

How I describe satisfaction in life

How I describe moral principles

How I describe the importance of friends

How I describe what trust to me is

How I describe myself

I am cheerful and friendly, with a lot of positive emotions and impressions from life! You know I love this life! I am caring and purposeful, smiling and enigmatic. I`m a dream girl, always strive for self-development. I like to know the world and strive for harmony in everything.


According to my job I am very interested in counseling and reading books on positive psychology. I like cooking. I adore animals and pets. Also I like dancing and sport. In future I want to travel more.