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Perfect man description

Kind, gentle, sociable, smilling, caring and loving

How I describe myself

A kind soul full of love and care, sociable, hard-working, intelligent, well-educated. I am here to get married and just meet a good person in my life. I know how treat the man and how to make our marriage happy as I already was married. I am a simple woman with normal priorities and views on life. I love my life and I want to share it with my future family. I like travelling and cooking.

Value in a man

I am just looking for a good man, with a good inner world and soul, I want to marry this person and live together all our life. Marriage is a serious step for me and I am ready for it!

Relationship with parents


True love means to me

When you are not bothered by your beloved man annoying habits, rather you take him lightly.

Infidelity how I describe


Goals in life

To get married

How I describe satisfaction in life

For me it's when you feel not alone and you have people with whom you can always share your life

How I describe moral principles

Moral principles are fair principles.

How I describe the importance of friends

Very important as they help us in everything that we need

How I describe what trust to me is

Trust is positive emotions and love


Cooking, reading books



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