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Needless to say, you should be supportive and well-educated (to be a solid bedrock for our future life for years to come). The same as me, you should be sociable and open to novelties. Being strong physically does not matter that much since I want to be with someone who’s strong inside (this is the biggest strength for a human being, as for me). Join me in the flamboyance of this life!

How I describe myself

From the very childhood, I was a girl with 1 kilo of TNT in my body – I was super active, running and jumping, could be lost out of sudden to leave my folks relentlessly confused but then to re-appear out of nowhere with an angelic smile so they don’t even mad at me. In adolescence, I kept my energy, which started to feed my passion – to knowledge, discovering the world around, disassembling things to see how they are made. I was tireless in my constant hunger to embrace the hugeness of this world, get into its depth and width – that much I love to live! Today, already obtaining a prestigious doctoral profession, I try to keep myself busy with hiking, being in a gym, traveling, and seeing this world from other angles. I hope my future husband will cherish that and share the passion for living with me.

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Goals in life

My dream is not only to build a serious, strong relationship, but also to develop myself as a person, to be not only a beautiful girl, but also a pleasant and smart interlocutor

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The utmost activity is what gives me energy in life. I cannot sit and do nothing – for the same reason, a barely know what soaps are currently popular. For me, it’s always better to hike, river-raft, climb uphill the mountain then to sit indoors, or, at least, to drop my energy in another way (here, you could be largely interested). In the meantime, I started to learn English and visit florist classes. Eventually, I want to visit every country in this world – together with my husband, surely!


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