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Perfect man description

I love kind, fair and generous men. Smart men with whom it is pleasant to talk about life.

How I describe myself

I am a cheerful, energetic and kind girl. I love fun, good rest and interesting people. I should say that I am very cheery and loving person. I have a lot of love in my heart.

Value in a man

My man must be kind, faithful. Must be well-mannered,love children.he should have a pure and open soul and big heart.

Relationship with parents

very kind and respectful

True love means to me

understanding, tenderness, and support

Infidelity how I describe

it means that you found not that person

Goals in life

I hope to meet a person, who would just like to be himself beside me! And who would like me the way I am!

How I describe satisfaction in life

to feel harmony and positive energy

How I describe moral principles

first of all -humanity

How I describe the importance of friends

it is a big luck

How I describe what trust to me is

It means that I can believe to my man


I like cars, travel and fashion. I love dogs and cats. I study European cuisine.I value every minute of life , therefore try to be active, initiative and to surround my I love trips, prefer cultural-cognitive tourism, like to study cultures of other countries, read the classics, go in for sports, to take pictures.self by good people, and I stay responsive and romantic.


volleyball, badminton

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