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Perfect man description

People are created to be together. The greatest happiness for men and women is to find each other in order to become whole. For me, the most valuable quality for the man is reliability and honesty.

How I describe myself

I am an attractive woman and very versatile personality. My friends, co-workers and students say that I’m strong woman ))) That’s because I never like to expose my weakness, can't say "No", if any one ask me for help and I’m trying to finish everything I have started. But really, I am very sensitive and easily vulnerable person. And my biggest dream is to meet a caring and reliable man whom I will give tenderness and warmth of his soul.

Value in a man

I respect active men with a generous and gentle soul who are capable of heroic deeds for his romantic lady.

Relationship with parents

Friendly and sufficient

True love means to me

You cannot buy LOVE, sell it, or exchange it for anything else. You cannot multiply by a hundred parts, you cannot kill and destroy. You cannot receive by deception, you cannot forget, you cannot ask. LOVE is a gift, God's light! It is given to someone, to someone - no!

Infidelity how I describe

Cheating physically and emotionally with someone else, not with your partner, is infidelity. Even if you are flirting with someone else or having a good time with them, that is infidelity.

Goals in life

To be happy in a marriage

How I describe satisfaction in life

The most exquisite pleasure is to please others.

How I describe moral principles

Morality may be a boring thing, but for now, it's the best way to tell right from wrong.

How I describe the importance of friends

In the hustle and bustle of this world, friendship is the only thing that matters in personal life.

How I describe what trust to me is

Very often we trust people who are not worthy of it. Trust is like a piece of paper. If you break it, then no matter how we glue it, the expected result will not be. The trace will still remain. So is our trust. If you tear it even a little, then it will never be the same. It doesn't matter how much you love. You will forgive ... But you will not trust as before.


Most of all in my life, I love art, especially music. Music became my profession and hobby at the same time. I work as a lecturer at Academy of Culture, as the conductor of the choir, can sing and play the piano myself and teach children to do it. Now I study in postgraduate school and getting ready to defend my dissertation.


I also enjoy sports and dancing to make my body flexible and young while reading books makes my soul empathetic and strong.

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