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Perfect man description

My man is ready to become a leader, the one who knows that life is a complicated thing and he is ready for all the responsibilities. The same time my man should have a good heart, emotions and be ready to open his soul to me. I am not looking for your body only, I need your soul.

How I describe myself

I am gentle and exotic as like as the wild and pretty orchid, waiting for the love and care from your side, Dearest! I am romantic and like to dream, but it is only about love, in my real life I am serious and know how to live my life and what I want in my relations.

Value in a man

My man is real, he is not for games, he has great sense of humor, he is strong, healthy, knows how to love and how to treat his woman right, the one who is ready for actions and who is ready to enjoy this life together.

Relationship with parents

I adore and appreciate them very much

True love means to me

You need to have something in common in order to understand each other, and something different in order to love each other.

Infidelity how I describe

Someone is missing one woman, and he switches to the fifth, tenth. And the other does not have enough life to love the one and only.

Goals in life

I want to live happy and harmonic life

How I describe satisfaction in life

The bad news is that sometimes all sorts of nonsense is enjoyable.))

How I describe moral principles

The beautiful is a symbol of moral goodness.

How I describe the importance of friends

They are looking for a friend for a long time, they find it with difficulty and it is difficult to keep him.

How I describe what trust to me is

Where there is no trust, there can be no real affection.


My interests are wide starting from reading, dancing and singing but the same time add extreme things into life and it also can be the tour to the exotic countries. I like culture and art a lot. I like to enjoy my life and explore this world. Let's do it together?


I like volleyball and badminton

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