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Perfect man description

It is important for me that he be open, sincere, trust me with all his experiences. With whom you will want to be feminine and affectionate, while strong and self-confident. With whom you can be a housewife, a wife and start your own business together. Be versatile, don't be boring. Find common interests, even if they did not exist.

How I describe myself

You can get to know me for a long time, we will have something to talk about, I know that for sure. At some point, I had to leave my hometown because of the hostilities, but I also had to live there for some time during the shelling. When I managed to leave, I had to work in many places, learn to be strong and not rely on anyone. Now I have a favorite job in publishing. We publish legal literature, I work with authors, government organizations and not only, I have a very interesting and rather difficult job, sometimes I get very tired, I lack a strong male shoulder. I love life and everything connected with it.

Value in a man

It is important for me to find a like-minded person. The person with whom I will feel protected. Feel a strong man's shoulder. With whom you can spend time without thinking about how it looks, with which I can be myself.

Relationship with parents

very kind and supportive

True love means to me

Respect yourself so much that you do not give all the strength of your soul and heart to someone who does not need them ...

Infidelity how I describe

A man's infidelity is rooted in his genetic system. And a woman is unfaithful because she does not possess the proper dignity and, giving up her body, invariably gives a part of her heart.

Goals in life

to have a happy life

How I describe satisfaction in life

If everything is given at once, we do not appreciate it. But if you pause between the two rewards, the satisfaction becomes much more meaningful.

How I describe moral principles

Love must come first, followed by morality. The opposite is painful.

How I describe the importance of friends

Those who love to blame others are incapable of friendship.

How I describe what trust to me is

When the eyes say one thing and the tongue another, an experienced person believes more first.


I really want to learn English. I love reading books, communicating with people from whom you can learn a lot. Especially in the evening city. I like active rest very much. I go to the gym (of course, the quarantine has made its own edits). I spend a lot of time outdoors, I like to spend time with my friends and children.


I love to ride a bike.

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