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Perfect man description

If I'm interested to communicate with a person, if we have something in common I do not care what color his eyes or hair. Including the fact that I’m not very tall, I would like men to be taller than me

How I describe myself

I have open mind and open heart and always ready for everything new. I like make good things for people. Also I’m very clever and friendly. I think that I’m calm, even-tempered, and not aggressive. Violence begets only violence – so I try to resolve all disputes by conversation.

Value in a man

Appearance does not matter to me, the same thing with age. I draw attention to man's inner world.

Relationship with parents

very loving and kind

True love means to me

I believe in one thing. You should always confess your love to the one you love.

Infidelity how I describe

Anyone looking for evidence of infidelity hopes not to find it.

Goals in life

to create my own family

How I describe satisfaction in life

He who does not know how to receive joy from little things will not please many.

How I describe moral principles

The height of culture is determined by the attitude towards women.

How I describe the importance of friends

What is important is the person who comes to the rescue when he is not even asked.

How I describe what trust to me is

It is not intelligence that animates conversations most of all, but mutual trust.


Traveling, watching sights of other countries, learning their culture and customs- all this seems interesting to me, so I like Journey. Music takes a little part in my life, but when I do something about the house or study I like to listen to the classic or pop music. I love the songs on both English and Russian language All movies are good in their own way, as for me I try to see good things in life and hope for better so I like to see films with happy end. Usually I see comedies, melodramas. I do not have any one particular favorite movie because I love all the new.


i like fitness

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