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Perfect man description

For me it is very important that the man was a caring, kind, and the head-understood and loved me. I'm sure you will appreciate not only my visual appeal, but also a rich inner world. I quite forgot, I love to cook, so you can surprise his specialty.

How I describe myself

I was born in a small town, but now live and study in another, where I have many friends and acquaintances. This city I like very much, but I was so lonely there, I need a strong man near me. I hope you will come and we will be able to walk there together. I am very romantic, so really want to give my love and affection to one man.

Value in a man

Moreover, it is very important for me to feel that I am loved and love someone.

Relationship with parents

I often visit my parents and love them very much

True love means to me

I don't know where people go after death, but I know exactly where they stay. Those you love are always with you.

Infidelity how I describe

Wives don't expect fidelity, but they don't like being poked in the face with infidelity.

Goals in life

I want to create big and loving family

How I describe satisfaction in life

The less frequent the pleasures, the more enjoyable they are.

How I describe moral principles

The worst times are not when there is a lot of immorality in society. The worst times are when immorality becomes the norm

How I describe the importance of friends

Good friends, good books, and a sleeping conscience are the ideal life.))

How I describe what trust to me is

If you trust only one yourself, then no one will cheat on you.


I love to cook, so you can be surprised my dishes.


I'm very active, I love to play sports, read and spend time with my friends.

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