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Perfect man description

I'm looking for man who could become my friend, life partner and soulmate. I'm ready for serious relations and I will give all my love to you.

How I describe myself

I am kind, positive and modern girl. My friends describe me as a joyful, active, sociable lady. I love people with a sense of humor! ) ... I love sportive and active men, as I’m a sporty lady! I fond of taking care of myself and I try to look good , even when I’m alone at home. I think that woman should be ready to meet her love any time. And also I think that if woman do not take care of herself she can’t be able to take care about her man and children. I would like to travel all over the world and visit interesting places ! I do not like greedy and selfish people... But most of all I do not like when people lie. I’m honest and loyal and I don’t like play games with man feelings. I think that life too short to spend it at such stupid things as lies.

Value in a man

I would like to find a real,kind, reliable faithful man.

Relationship with parents

very warm and tender

True love means to me

Losing a loved one is scary, but even more scary is never to meet him.

Infidelity how I describe

The heart is so empty that the pain of the soul is reflected in the eyes ...

Goals in life

to have a happy family

How I describe satisfaction in life

Pleasure is a blessing, but only when it does not provoke remorse.

How I describe moral principles

Morality is a deeply personal and costly luxury to the owner.

How I describe the importance of friends

A true friend is with you when you're wrong. When you're right, everyone will be with you.

How I describe what trust to me is

How can you deal with someone you can't trust? If the cart does not have an axle, how can you ride it?


I'm very versatile person, I like to try new activities, I like to meet new people. I have a lot of good friends and I proud of this. I love to study, I think that each person should have own progress, the more I have a little daughter and I should teach her. And I also worked as a DJ for a long time.


Most of all I love dancing. I dance since childhood. I can dance in different directions ... Now I’m teaching small children to feel rhythm. I can not live without music !)

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