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Perfect man description

I am the woman, who gives a lot, but needs only care and tenderness.It is the main characteristics for my future husband. Furthermore I like children I don't mind if man have children, inside out it is so cool.

How I describe myself

I am very positive and kind person.Also I am very cheerful and have a great sense of humor.Furthermore when my relatives or friends need help or support I will help them.In addition to this I am hard-working.I like my job, I am working as a manager at department store.Although I like spending free time with my family and friends on weekends.I don't think that appearance is the most important, because inner world is more important.Despite this I have red hair and green eyes.I have mid hight and I am also very slim.I am here to find my true love, maybe you is my fate?

Value in a man

Also I need active, kind, honest and sincere man.

Relationship with parents

very warm and tender

True love means to me

Love is a complete fusion of minds, thoughts, souls, interests, and not just bodies. Love is a huge, great feeling, powerful as the world, and not at all lying in bed.

Infidelity how I describe

Cheating is a serious mistake. A clever one will forgive, forcing him to fully realize, a stupid one will repeat himself many times.

Goals in life

find a partner in life

How I describe satisfaction in life

Whoever enters the house of happiness through the door of pleasure usually goes through the door of suffering.

How I describe moral principles

Wisdom bears the following three fruits: the gift of thinking well, speaking well, and doing well.

How I describe the importance of friends

The winner has many friends, and only the loser have real friends.

How I describe what trust to me is

Self-confidence is the first prerequisite for great endeavors.


Hobbies and interest are very important in our life.Because with them we can relax, enjoy.I am very easy-going so I have a lot of hobbies.For example I like outdoor activities like volleyball, football, basketball.Also I like fishing.Yes, fishing!At my childhood I go with my grandfather on fishing almost every weekend.It was so cool!So of you like fishing I can keep you company!Another my hobby is cooking.Cooking is my big passion, really.I like cooking for my family.It is big happiness for me.I hope that in future I will cook for you your favorite dish.Despite this I like dinner out on weekend with my friends.And finally, my hobby is music.I can play on guitar quite well.Maybe that's all my hobbies.


I am going to a gym twice a week.I like sports and because of this I am in a good shape.

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