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Perfect man description

I want to find a man who truly loves me as who I am. I really want to find true love and live with him all my life.

How I describe myself

Each person has three characters: one that is attributed to him, the next one is that he ascribes to himself, and finally, the third is that he really is. Many people say that my character is very kind and helpful and I believe that the opinion of other people agree with my vision of me. And generally I am a very balanced person.

Value in a man

I understand that the ideal man does not exist, each has its drawbacks, but man and the husband must be courageous - safely assume full responsibility for my family (to ensure, protect, and take part in the upbringing of children).

Relationship with parents

very warm and loving, I often visit them

True love means to me

Falling in love is easy, but loving all your life is already a miracle ...

Infidelity how I describe

Betrayal is the lowest attitude towards a loved one ... but this cannot be avoided in this world ((

Goals in life

to be a happy wife

How I describe satisfaction in life

Joy. She rarely comes. It is so rare that we forget that it even exists ...

How I describe moral principles

We consider dangerous those whose minds are arranged differently from ours, and immoral those whose morality is not similar to ours. We call skeptics those who are alien to our illusions, without even wondering if they have any other.

How I describe the importance of friends

A friend is a person with whom I can be sincere. In his presence, I can think out loud.

How I describe what trust to me is

Both distrust and gullibility are harmful.


My interests are versatile. I love to read books, especially novels. I love sports very much. Without it I can not imagine my life because I pay it a lot of time. One more my very great passion is cooking. I love to cook Ukrainian and Italian dishes, as I prefer these cuisines.


Preference is given to a morning jog in the park.

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