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Perfect man description

I don't care how a man looks like. I have an unassuming taste. The main thing for me is I want him to be a good person.

How I describe myself

I am a good person, friend and daughter. I like a good, warm company, communicative people and party. I am not impudent and have a sense of gratitude. I do not like lie and rudeness, but appreciate spontaneity and decision.

Value in a man

I want to find a pleasant and intelligent partner and speakers here.

Relationship with parents

I often visit and call them

True love means to me

Love is when you give and want to give, and passion is when you take and want to take.

Infidelity how I describe

The departure of loved ones is only the completion of the distraction of the devil who attacked your soul to occupy it.

Goals in life

to have a family and children

How I describe satisfaction in life

Pleasure may be based on illusion, but happiness is based on reality.

How I describe moral principles

The moral qualities of a remarkable person are more important for his generation and for the historical process than purely intellectual achievements.

How I describe the importance of friends

It is easy to find friends willing to help us. It's hard to earn friends who demand our help.

How I describe what trust to me is

No matter how little we trust our interlocutors, it still seems to us that they are sincere with us than with anyone else.


I adore cooking, children and reading. I am intended to be a successful person. My interests vary depend on my mood. I like: sea, smiles of my friends, strawberry, night, music, motorcycles, dolphins, sweets, bright colors, flowers, photos, star sky and candles, ice-cream, dancing. I love to communicate with different interesting people, to go to the cinema and adore watching different romantic films, reading.


I like yoga, jogging and fitness

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