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Perfect man description

I want to be with attentive and positive man, who will show me his loving heart and make me the happiest woman in whole world. Our relationship should be build on love and trust, these are very important in our life.

How I describe myself

Well, I’m young and pretty girl, as you like, aren’t you?)) Yes, I can read your minds easily ;) Do you like sociable, charming and cheerful girl? I hear the answer “yes” from you…so, it’s me! Write me immediately!)) I have a perfect, big family and I like spending my spare time with them. Do you like spending time with relatives? I think it’s important thing for me, and I hope, that for you it’s important too :) I like making picnics at summer. Would you like to join me? ;) I will bake a cake, we will bring the bottle of tasty wine and fruits. We will have a romantic picnic, yes? Just imagine, you and a very beautiful girl with green eyes together. We will speak, laugh, drink some wine and look at the starry sky. I will shy a little bit, but you will say me: “Stop nervous, dear, everything is good, you are sooo beautiful today and ever”. Oh my god, I really imagined it and now I’m smiling)) I hope, you feel the same, yes? ;))

Value in a man

I want him to beresponsible and serious, positive and attentive.

Relationship with parents

I often visit them and help them

True love means to me

Tenderness is a better proof of love than the most passionate vows.

Infidelity how I describe

Betrayal is pain, whatever you call it, there is no resentment, because it is stupid to be offended, no anger, because it is a waste of energy ... One nagging pain !

Goals in life

to have my family and feel love and support

How I describe satisfaction in life

Man is never a hypocrite in his pleasures.

How I describe moral principles

The moral law elevates the value of a person as a thinking creature

How I describe the importance of friends

All your life you can look for friends without suspecting that they are next to you.

How I describe what trust to me is

Asking for advice is the greatest trust one person can have in another.


I have many interests in life. One of my passions is flowers. I can make beautiful bouquets of flowers for every case in life. I like writing poems. Also I love traveling in different interesting places. I would like to share my interests with my partner. I think it’s really great.


I like being in good shape so I do yoga regularly.

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