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Perfect man description

Desirably he must be a bit higher than girl and have pleasant smile. I believe the family is the most important thing in the world that's why it's vitally essential for me to find a right man to share my life with. I think that mutual respect, trust and care are those components that can make any marriage happy .

How I describe myself

I am a girl creative and active. I have friendly character. I like my friends, I like to laugh and joke. I have a nice sense of humor. I am a bit harmful, but merry, attractive and responsive. Always easily I find a common language in socializing with pleasant people!! I never leave things half done!

Value in a man

In my eyes an ideal man must be formed, clever, friendly, to have sense of style, and good in talking.

Relationship with parents

very supportive and friendly

True love means to me

The best thing in our life is love.

Infidelity how I describe

Cheating itself is not always like a bolt from the blue, rather it resembles a time bomb.

Goals in life

To meet my half one and to create a family

How I describe satisfaction in life

Laziness may appear attractive, but work gives satisfaction.

How I describe moral principles

A man that puts himself on the ground of moral principle, if the whole world be against him, is mightier than all of them.

How I describe the importance of friends

In prosperity it is very easy to find a friend; in adversity, nothing is so difficult.

How I describe what trust to me is

Trust starts with truth and ends with truth.


As for my hobbies, I enjoy meeting with my friends and going out to different parties together I love creation in all his displays. I like to draw, take pictures, taken pictures, listen good music, I adore cooking


dancing, roller scating

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