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Perfect man description

I need a reliable and trustworthy partner. I need him to support me in any trouble and never let me down. I want that he accepts my energy and that he is ready to open new horizons with me. He must be cheerful and with good sense of humor. He must just love laughing and be always positive Your happiness will be my top priority. I want to see your smile as you open your eyes in the morning and before I bring you your morning coffee just the way you like it in bed. After your coffee we could make love like we just first met as I have found no better way to start the day, if you like. Wink Wink I don't care your age, weight and height. I dream about real. long lasting love full of tenderness, respect and passion. I want him to respect and love me, to take care of me, and let me take care of him. I want to bring a lot of positive, love and happiness into your life! I think that age difference, difference in horoscope and cultural differences are not important until person do not create a problem out of it on his own Smile So I'm open minded) That even with all the difficulties that have to be overcome to date and marry someone from another country it is truly worth it when you can spend your life with sweet one, your beloved ! I could not ask for any more in my life than to meet YOU ! Maybe exactly your peculiarity would win my heart! But nevertheless, I want, that my man would be reliable, who would always be there when I need him! Let's try to trust each other and step into a world of happy and full of love relationship! Wink Are you confident and self-sufficient man? Be sure, I'm waiting for you. Don't make me suffer from loneliness.

How I describe myself

I am very interesting and active lady. I like cooking. I have a lot of friends but my family and my children are the most important for me. By the way, I like brave men who knows what he wants and how gets it Cool. Also I like to cuddle so much And I think, that hugs can show all the subtleties of relationshipsWink Do you agree with me? ...The woman - a heavenly creature . The epitome of fabulous dreams. Cloud unfulfilled desires. Wind of goodness and beauty... if i am the one - you will see this at first sight, so i don't want to tell a lot, jus take a look at my photo, if my smile make you smile - write to me, we will check our destiny then... I'm still pretty young in heart and love to have fun despite on bad things happened in my life. I'm positive person and I like to be an example of how important it stays positive and enjoy the life Will be waiting for your words. What you believe is what you get! I follow this principle in my daily life. I’m positive thinker and optimist by nature. In free time I like sport, cinema, romantic places like parks, squares, nature, forest and sea. Among my other passions there are cooking different dishes of various countries. All deepest feelings could be found in my heart which will be opened only for one person, for real man that i love. I hope to meet him soon! I consider myself as a simple person, realist. I'm standing on the ground and not flying in the pink clouds...Nothing is impossible and I like to make impossible be possible! Life is given to us only once, so we just have to live it to the fullest and enjoy! My life full of adventures and smile. I'm very positive person and have good sense of humor. I am tender, romantic, family oriented, I'm tired of being alone and random people, but I'm a woman who knows how to make men happy and build a strong family, which will be mutually supportive.Man is very important for me, I'd like to create family for all my life without divorse. One will never feel bored with me. I always have fresh ideas and I like communication. I have a lot of friends and they call me the soul of our company. I am very cheerful and love laughing. I rather like talking but I can be a good listener too. Especially if we talk about love and you pay me sweet compliments.

Value in a man

My man must be strong and clever.. I want to find a man who will be good husband for me and positive example and careful dad for my kids, who will be not afraid of problems. I hope we will be the happy family.

Relationship with parents

very good and loving

True love means to me

The heart wants what it wants. There's no logic to these things. You meet someone and you fall in love and that's that.

Infidelity how I describe

People often cheat for the sake of ambition, but then they will never change ambition for the sake of love.

Goals in life

to have a complete family and reliable loving man

How I describe satisfaction in life

To be able to look back upon ones life in satisfaction, is to live twice.

How I describe moral principles

Morality must lie in character.

How I describe the importance of friends

A single rose can be my garden... a single friend, my world.

How I describe what trust to me is

Trust men and they will be true to you.


I like walking with my children, I like going to the cinema, walking in the parks, making kebab on the nature. I adore cooking and do it very tasty.Maybe do you also like tennis, concerts, swimming, theater, romantic walks in the moonlight and romantic dinners?


I like swimming and tennis

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