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Perfect man description

I am looking for such simple and at the same time such inaccessible things. People think that women and men are very different. But I do not think so. We all have the same dreams. Love and friendship. Romantic moments. Hot night. A sense of care and security.

How I describe myself

I love the attention and care and I can give it to people. In a relationship and friendship I Maximalist: either all or nothing. In feelings, try to be discreet. But if I fall in love, then attached to a person for a long time. I love to paint and everything connected with it: nail art, body art, sculpture made of faience

Value in a man

I am sure that there is a man on earth for me. Created just for me. I am only looking for me. Our paths intersect in one important place, and we finally can find complete harmony. Take care of each other, enjoy each other’s company, drown in each other’s eyes.

Relationship with parents

very good

True love means to me

The thing is that love gives us a ringside seat on somebody else's flaws, so of course you're gonna spot some things that kinda need to be mentioned. But often the romantic view is to say, 'If you loved me, you wouldn't criticise me.' Actually, true love is often about trying to teach someone how to be the best version of themselves.

Infidelity how I describe

Wives in their husbands' absences grow subtler, and daughters sometimes run off with the butler.

Goals in life

to be succesfull in the family and in career

How I describe satisfaction in life

True motivation comes from achievement, personal development, job satisfaction, and recognition.

How I describe moral principles

Good moral values ​​are mostly molded from where love, faith and hope exist.

How I describe the importance of friends

Let us be grateful to people who make us happy, they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.

How I describe what trust to me is

Better to trust the man who is frequently in error than the one who is never in doubt.


Someday I want to try this type of dance as a stripplastic. I love photography and I had a lot of different photo shoots. I love cats especially the wild, so at my home live a cat with a formidable name of Spartacus.


I love swimming and jogging

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